11 Reasons Why Are Goldfish Good Pets Explained!

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Goldfish is a very underrated animal when it comes to having a pet in your home. Many people obsess over cats, dogs, or even birds as pets, but they often forget about these cute little orange creatures.

Goldfish are one of those few pets that don’t come with the extra baggage of high maintenance. Also, it doesn’t cost you much, they are very fun-loving, calming, and friendly. On top of that, you don’t need to worry about these tiny creatures harming you or damaging your property.

Still wondering why are goldfish good pets? Well, then check out our listicle of 11 convincing reasons why goldfish are amazing as pets at home.

You will definitely bring one home after reading this!

1. Very Low Maintenance

The most attractive factor that makes a goldfish better than other pets is its low maintenance. You don’t need to keep an eye on these pets all the time to spot what mischief are they up to now.

All they need is food on time and a clean tank. And you can do all that using automatic feeders and cleaners. So, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into keeping them healthy and happy.

2. Doesn’t Cost Much

Along with their low maintenance, Goldfish are also low-cost pets, at least lower than cats or dogs.

The only noticeable expense you will do on a Goldfish is in the initial stages where you buy the tank and its equipment.

Even the goldfish itself doesn’t cost a lot. No matter what equipment, tank, and goldfish you get, the cost shouldn’t cross the $500 mark.

And the yearly maintenance cost is less than $100.

3. Calming Companions for Others

Whether it be the other fishes in the aquarium, or just you staring at your goldfish tank, these little creatures showcase calmness.

When you look at them, you start feeling calm as there is no anxiety in their behavior.

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In a study, it was shown that goldfish have a positive impact on hospitalized children, in their mental and emotional well-being. It had a positive impact on the fear and anxiety of those children.

4. Don’t Harm You or Your Property

With Goldfish as your pet, you will never need to worry about breaking your favorite flower vase or getting scratches on your body.

These pets are always calm and play in a friendly way.

What makes them even better as pets is that, they are completely non-allergic. It means anyone afraid to get pets in their home due to allergies, can have goldfish as a pet without thinking twice.

5. They Have a Longer Lifespan

None of us like the feeling of losing our beloved pet. If you take good care of your Goldfish and do the little maintenance they require, a goldfish can easily live up to 10 to 15 years. And this is the average lifespan.

According to research and studies some goldfish have even lived up to 40 years in optimal living conditions as pets. That’s surprising, right?

6. No Hassle of Excessive Noise

Another convincing factor for keeping a goldfish as a pet is its no-noise policy.

Cats, dogs, and birds will make noise no matter how well you train them. But with goldfish as pets, you don’t need to worry about that.

Even if you keep a herd of goldfish in your tank, you will not hear any kind of noise whatsoever. And that’s the most calming and peaceful thing about having them as pets.

7. Entertaining and Fun-loving

Now, you may start thinking if they don’t make noise aren’t they enjoyable or fun-loving? Well, they are exactly the complete opposite of that!

Goldfish are a very fun-loving fish who will interact with you whenever you come close to them.

You can give them toys and create a playful environment for them.

All you need to do is to learn about what goldfish like to play with. Simply, get them what they like, and see them entertain you to the fullest.

8. Comes in a Variety of Looks

If you choose to have multiple goldfish in your tank, you can get a variety of them to create a stunning-looking fish tank.

They don’t just have to be the typical gold or orange color. There are more than 200 different breeds with their distinctive looks and nature.

So you don’t need all your goldfish to look alike. You can have up to 200 goldfish in your tank, and each one can look different.

9. Suitable for Everyone

Kids or adults, anyone can take care of a goldfish. Goldfish can be the perfect pet you can get for kids because it will teach them responsibility and empathy.

Adults can also have a great experience of having goldfish as pets. They can become the perfect calming and relaxing element after a very stressful day for anyone.

10. They Are Very Smart

Goldfish are quite popular for having a high IQ amongst many fishes and animals. Some scientists have found that, if you train them well, they can even drive!

But in general, almost anyone can train a goldfish to play with different toys including, hoop tricks, tunnels, balls-goalposts, and several other toys.

You just have to be patient and create such an environment for them.

11. Every Goldfish Has Its Own Personality

Unique personalities are a very likable trait in goldfish. Not all of them love to be in a group, some prefer being alone all by themselves.

You will have some goldfish that are quite playful and some like to relax a lot more.

Having a mixture of such personalities in your fish tank gives you that taste of variety in it. It also creates that connection and bond with every single fish to give you that fulfilling feeling of having a pet.

As you can tell, goldfish are convincingly amazing pets. And if you want to start a hassle-free journey as a pet owner, Goldfish might be the perfect pet for you.

With minimal effort, time, and money, they are the best pets for both kids and too-busy adults.